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    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    1. Registration

    1.8 Do I have to pay any fees or taxes for my winnings? 2017-06-16T07:29:52+00:00

    No, a player’s winnings will not be taxed or charged GST.

    1.7 Can a bet placed be reversed or cancelled? 2017-06-16T07:29:52+00:00

    No. Once a bet has been placed by a player, it cannot be reversed, cancelled or charged back unless the placement of the bet was directly caused by a system error.

    1.6 How old do I have to be to place a bet? 2017-06-16T07:29:52+00:00

    The legal gambling age varies from state to state. We highly recommend that you check with the local authority in your jurisdiction before engaging in any of 7elevenbet’s services.

    1.5 Can I place a bet without opening an account? 2017-06-16T07:29:53+00:00

    No. Any user who wishes to place a bet on 7elevenbet must register and open a player account.

    1.4 May I open multiple accounts with 7elevenbet for different games? 2017-06-16T07:29:53+00:00

    No, each user is limited to opening only ONE (1) account with 7elevenbet. Registering for multiple accounts is a violation of 7elevenbet’s Terms of Service and may result in the freezing and/or termination of all accounts involved.

    1.3 Do I need to have different login credentials for different games? 2017-06-16T07:29:40+00:00

    No, multiple login credentials are not necessary. With just one username and password, you will be able to access all the different games available on 7elevenbet.

    1.2 How do I open an account with 7elevenbet? 2017-06-16T07:23:56+00:00

    To open an account, visit 7elevenbet homepage and click on ‘Register’ to access the registration form. Follow all the steps for registration and click ‘Submit’ to complete the registration process. Upon successfully registering with 7elevenbet, you will receive a confirmation email at your registered email address.

    1.1 Why join 7elevenbet? 2017-06-16T07:24:05+00:00

    7elevenbet has formed win-win partnerships with the best providers in the online casino sphere to bring you an unrivalled and unparalleled gaming experience. From highly creative and innovative games that will redefine online gambling to efficient and fuss-free financial transactions, 7elevenbet strives to offer all players the best selections and bonuses. By choosing 7elevenbet, you are choosing to bet with the best in the business and will enjoy peace of mind throughout.

    2. Account

    3. Banking

    3.3 Can I make a deposit or withdrawal during the holidays? 2017-06-16T10:22:25+00:00

    Yes, deposits and withdrawals can be made during the holidays and will be processed as per usual. Kindly contact our customer support representatives via Live Chat after making a deposit/withdrawal.

    3.2 Can I make a deposit or withdrawal in any other currency aside from my account’s registered currency? 2017-06-16T10:22:04+00:00

    No. At present, a user is only able to deposit or withdraw using the account’s registered currency.

    3.1 What is the meaning of Main Wallet? 2017-06-16T10:22:04+00:00

    7elevenbet’s Main Wallet is a single wallet system that allows users convenient access to all casino products on 7elevenbet, even if they are by different providers. With just a single deposit to your Main Wallet, you can play any game you wish!

    4. Deposit

    4.4 What if my deposit is not made on time? 2017-06-16T10:24:21+00:00

    Any deposits that are not made on time will be processed as soon as possible the next day. If you have any enquiries, kindly seek clarification from any of our customer support representatives who are available round the clock to assist you.

    4.3 Do I need to provide any proof of transaction for my deposit? 2017-06-16T10:24:21+00:00

    Yes, proof of transaction must be provided to successfully complete any deposit transaction.

    4.2 What is the minimum amount required for a deposit? 2017-06-16T10:24:21+00:00

    The minimum amount required for each deposit transaction is MYR 30.

    4.1 How do I make a deposit? 2017-06-16T10:24:21+00:00

    Login to your 7elevenbet account and click on ‘Deposit’ under ‘$$$’. Follow all the steps shown, including selecting your preferred banking/payment option. Once you have completed all the steps, submit the form and notify our customer support representatives via Live Chat.

    5. Withdrawal

    5.6 Can I make a withdrawal through a third-party account? 2017-06-16T10:26:52+00:00

    No, all withdrawals made must be through the bank account registered in the user’s 7elevenbet profile. The registered names on both the 7elevenbet account and bank account must match.

    5.5 Are my transaction details secure? 2017-06-16T10:26:52+00:00

    All information transmitted on 7elevenbet’s servers are highly secure thanks to state of the art technology that’s coupled with the most advanced security systems and encryption software.

    5.4 Are there any withdrawal fees? 2017-06-16T10:26:52+00:00

    No, there is no fee or charge incurred for withdrawals.

    5.3 How long will it take to process my withdrawal? 2017-06-16T10:26:52+00:00

    For withdrawal requests, we may require you to provide us with the necessary documents to verify the process. Large withdrawals may take longer to be processed. If you have any enquiries, kindly seek clarification from any of our customer support representatives.

    5.2 What is the minimum amount required for a withdrawal? 2017-06-16T10:26:52+00:00

    The minimum amount required for each withdrawal transaction is MYR 50.

    5.1 How do I make a withdrawal? 2017-06-16T10:26:52+00:00

    Login to your 7elevenbet account and click on ‘Withdrawal’ under ‘$$$’. Follow all the steps shown, including selecting your preferred banking option. Once you have completed all the steps, submit the form and notify our customer support representatives via Live Chat.